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March 2017

"Let It Flow" On The Big Island
Aloha ia Hawaii!
We are so excited that next month we'll be in Hawaii at The Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel for our annual conference. Conference dates are set for April 26-28, 2017.  If you haven't registered, the deadline is right around the corner (March 31). 
We have a great lineup of speakers and events, so don't miss your chance.  You can easily register here.  For complete information, get the conference brochure   here.
LITTLE VIDEO  to entice you to visit Hawaii!
If you have registered for the conference and haven't reserved your room yet, time is running out. Call the Hapuna at (800) 882-6060 and ask for the CalGeo rate.
If you want to join our "Lava Lava Open" golf tournament as a player or a sponsor, give our office a call at (530) 344-0644.  We'll gladly get you fixed up!
Reunite with industry friends at CalGeo's Annual Conference!  We hope to see you there.
Donations Needed At Conference Fundraiser To Raise Funds For Students
by: Marsha Myers-Executive Director
We will be holding our usual silent auction at the closing night event in Hawaii and the funds collected are used to help with our student chapters. Do you have something you can donate? Gift cards? Certificates? Jewelry? Bring it with you when you attend, or just send it to the office at CalGeo, 309 Placerville Drive, Placerville, CA 95667 and I'll make sure it gets to Hawaii! Thank you for your consideration.
Thank You Sponsors!
We appreciate the support of this year's Annual Conference Sponsors. Their generosity helps us present the best possible conference!     
Middle Earth Geo Testing, Inc.
Adventures In La-La Land: New Developments In California Prevailing Law For 2017
by: Littler Mendelson
financial_accounting.jpg You are invited to attend an informative Breakfast Briefing regarding the new and increasingly  complex requirements unde r California's Prevailing Wage Law. As you know, the prevailing wage obligations imposed  on public works projects make compliance difficult and fraught with legal risk.  These obligations, along with ever-changing legislation  a nd fluctuating administrati ve interpretation  and enforcement, mean even minor errors can turn a potentially profitable project into a di saster.  
The presenters, which include Van Goodwin (w ho has spoken at several CalGeo events in the past), will discuss the past year's legislative and administrative developments, and offer preventive measures and practical suggestions for compliance. The program will be offered in Long Beach on March 28, in Pleasanton on March 29, in Mountain View  on March 30, and in Ontario on April 11 . Use this link to get further information and register:  
Legislative Update
CalGeo routinely meets with other California professional engineering and architecture associations to discuss legislation and build coalitions to enact, oppose and support new bills. Below are bills that CalGeo is currently following:   
 SB 423 (Canella)
Senate Bill 423 is a spot bill sponsored by the American Council of Engineering Consultants (ACEC) as a follow-up to last year's efforts to reform unfair indemnification contract language used by many public agencies. ACEC is currently meeting with opposition parties to work out acceptable language. CalGeo strongly supports ACEC's efforts in this area. We will report specific bill language to CalGeo's membership when it becomes available.
SB 640 (Hertzberg)
Senate Bill 640 would impose new taxes on services, which could include professional engineering services. CalGeo opposes taxes on engineering services and will strongly oppose this bill when/if necessary.
AB 199 (Chu)
Assembly Bill 199 would require residential projects built on property that are built pursuant to an agreement with the state or a political subdivision to meet the requirement of "public works," and therefore require the payment of prevailing wages. CalGeo strongly opposes this bill and has joined a coalition led by the California Building Industry Association (CBIA) to fight this legislation.
AB 1053 (Calderon)
Assembly Bill 1053 is sponsored by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) in an effort to limit the information provided to the California Community Colleges by the Department of Consumer Affairs to information already maintained by the Department of Consumer Affairs. This bill is a result of legislation passed last year (SB 66), which allows the California Community College Chancellor access to all Department of Consumer Affairs records for registered engineers. CalGeo opposed SB 66 and supports AB 1053 to limit unnecessary sharing of our information to others.
AB 1628 (Grayson)
Assembly Bill 1628 would declare the intent of the State Legislature to enact legislation to prohibit the use of independent contractors on public works projects. CalGeo strongly opposes such limitations and will oppose any such legislation.
In Memory of Bill Wigginton, ENGEO Founder
It is with great sadness that we learned of the passing of ENGEO's founder, Bill Wigginton. Bill founded ENGEO in 1971 and led our firm into two decades of broad recognition as a high-quality provider of geotechnical engineering and engineering geology. Bill held a Bachelors degree from Lafayette College and a Masters degrees from Penn State and was a renowned engineering geologist who taught and mentored so many in the profession. He was known for his wit, strong opinions, and genuine commitment to providing superior service and advice to clients.

Bill served as ENGEO's President from its founding in 1971 until 1992. He led ENGEO's growth from the small, 3-person founding team to a recognized Bay Area firm. In 1984, Bill pioneered the use of Geologic Hazard Abatement Districts (GHADs) for new communities and helped form the first GHADs in Northern California in 1985. In 1986, Bill expanded ENGEO's capabilities to include environmental services. In the late 1980s, Bill also served as a board member of the California Geotechnical Engineers Association (now known as CalGeo). As an Engineering Geologist, Bill always placed a high value on engaging both engineers and geologists on every project.

After retiring from ENGEO in 1994, Bill continued to consult in the field of Geology and provided GHAD management services. His varied talents allowed him to delve into geologic issues, as well as study topics as wide-ranging as long-term weather cycles and how they might affect future funding needs for GHADs. Bill had many other interests including archaeology, art, music, sports, and surfing.

Bill loved longboard surfing and it seemed natural that he would settle in Aptos where he was close to the ocean. Bill would happily discuss geology, but also would show you his surfing videos with pride. He was encouraging to others in the sport, and was an avid surfer until the end - even as his pulmonary problems worsened, his friends at his surfing club report that he simply had a couple of oxygen bottles attached to his wetsuit and kept on surfing.

Bill, we will all miss you!
Job Board

Visit our website for the latest information on current available positions throughout the industry, including:
  • Project Geotechnical Engineer with LGC Geotechnical, Inc.
  • Senior Staff Engineer with LGC Geotechnical, Inc.
  • Senior Field Technician with LGC Geotechnical, Inc
  • Staff Engineer/Geologist with Geotechnologies, Inc.
  • Deputy Grading Inspector with Geotechnologies, Inc.
  • Environmental Sampling-Remediation Services with Cardno
  • Mining Technician with East Bay Regional Park District 
If you're LOOKING for help throughout the year, we also have a number of resumes on our website at CalGeo
If you're LOOKING FOR WORK, you can request us to post your resume on our website too.

Safety First!
Practice Proper Workplace Ergonomics pensive-laptop-man.jpg
Do you sit at a desk for hours at a time for work? Do you ever feel sore, experience back or neck pain, or have pain in your fingers? If so, you may not be practicing proper ergonomics. Mayo Clinic recommends following these tips to help make your workstation more ergonomically correct:
* Ensure your chair is adjusted so your feet rest on the floor and your knees are level with your hips. Use a footrest if your chair is too high for you to comfortably rest your feet on the floor. No lumbar support? Use a cushion between the curve of your back and the back of your chair.
* Keep items you regularly use - including the telephone or a stapler - close to your body to avoid unnecessary stretching throughout the day.
* Position your computer mouse close to your keyboard, and keep your wrist relaxed when using the mouse.
* Keep your wrist in a straight position when typing - not bent up or down - and consider using a wrist rest to help minimize stress.
* Do you talk a lot on the phone? Cradling a phone between your head and neck can cause strain. Use a headset to eliminate this issue.
* Pay attention to your posture. Keep your body centered in front of your monitor and keyboard, and your thighs horizontal with your knees.
* Make sure you have plenty of space under your desk for your legs, knees and thighs. Mayo Clinic recommends having a desk at least 19 inches deep, 30 inches wide and up to 34 inches high (depending on your height).
* Keep your monitor about an arm's length in front of you.
* To help avoid glare, keep the brightest light source in your office to the side of your monitor.

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