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July 2016
CalGeo's New President 
Hannes Richter, G.E. - Stoney-Miller Consultants, Inc.

Hannes Richter
I am honored to be President of CalGeo this year, and my goal is to continue the progress we as an organization have made over the past 45 years. Personally, CalGeo has given me the opportunity to meet and become friends with many prominent members of our industry, and we all learn from each other to become better professional and business leaders. Important issues still challenge us, and we must grow as a group to meet them. Our goal this year is to increase membership value, and with that have more involved members as well as attract new members. Areas of particular emphasis are Technician certification training and updating the GE exam study material. Our organization must take the lead in improving the perception and practice of our eyes and ears in the field, our technicians, both for better quality control and for reduced liability. Regarding the GE exam, we are the only current source for study materials, but they are very outdated and must be redone for the next generation of engineers.

We have been especially successful on the following committees, and plan to continue the good work:

* Government Practices/Legislative Committee, which is working closely with ACEC on Senate Bill 885 in order to remove the onerous duty defend language from contracts.

* Technical Affairs Committee, which through the well attended Loss Prevention Seminars will offer and encourage technician training for ICC certification.

* Emerging Professional Committee, which has a well established group in the Sacramento area, and is working toward establishing a Los Angeles area group. This is a great opportunity for your younger engineers to learn and grow through informal interactions and lectures.

* The Student Outreach Committee, which now involves 8 student chapters and over 100 students, with more chapters in the works.

* The Programs Committee strives to keep improving our already excellent annual conference (Hawaii next April!) and our regional dinner meetings.

Please visit our website for a full list of committees, and look for something that piques your interest in volunteering. It is a good way to contribute professionally, as well as meeting your colleagues. We need your help to make this successful and encourage your suggestions and involvement. You will find it very rewarding!

In closing, please welcome our two newest board members, George Hattrup with RMA Associates, and Noah Smith of Terracon, who were elected at the annual conference in Pasadena in April. With your support we can make 2016-2017 a memorable year for CalGeo and geotechnical practice in California.
Welcome New Board Members
Hannes Richter Receives Gavel From Past President Larry Taylor
Ballots for the election of CalGeo Directors and Officers were tallied as part of the general membership meeting during the CalGeo Annual Conference on April 14, 2016. CalGeo's Board of Directors consists of twelve members who are responsible for management of the Association's activities and affairs. The Directors consist of five officers and seven Directors-at-Large. 
CalGeo is pleased to announce the election of two new Directors.
George Hattrup , P.E., G.E., is a Principal Geotechnical Engineer at RMA GeoScience with over 30 years of engineering experience. George thinks very highly of CalGeo and is honored to serve as a board member. Ever since he started attending CalGeo meetings in 2006, he has appreciated the work CalGeo has done to enhance the geotechnical engineering profession in California. In particular, he's a big fan of the technical presentations and conferences that CalGeo facilitates and all the outreach that is done in order to enhance the standard of geotechnical engineering practice. 
George Hattrup & Noah Smith
Noah Smith, P.E., G.E., began his career as a staff engineer with Neil O. Anderson & Associates (NOA) in2000. After 14 years with NOA, Noah joined Terracon Consultants as part of the NOA/Terracon merger in 2014. Noah is currently a Senior Associate and Office Manager of Terracon's Concord, California office. Noah began attending CalGeo regional meetings, workshops, and conferences nearly 15 years ago. He quickly recognized the value of CalGeo and the importance of being involved and promoting and improving our industry as a collective group. Noah strongly believes in the purpose and commitment of CalGeo to the geotechnical profession and is privileged to further support its cause by serving as a member on the board.
We welcome our two new board members and look forward to their involvement with our board!
Hannes Richter (Stoney-M iller Consultants) assumes the position of President, with Bob Lokteff (Blackburn Consulting) elected Vice President/President Elect, Dave Hamilton (Hamilton & Associates) elected as Treasurer and Chris Diaz (D iaz-Yourman & Associates) elected as Secretary. Outgoing President Larry Taylor (Taylor Group, Inc.) remains on the Board in the role of Immediate Past President. Current Directors Neal Berliner (Geocon), Mike Cazeneuve (Geotechnologies, Inc.), Judd King (Yeh & Associates), Martin McIlroy (Shannon & Wilson), and Mike Moscrop (GMU Geotechnical, Inc.) were re-elected to another term on the Board.

We Say Goodbye To
Mike Laney
Mike Laney from Terracon   stepped down from the board this fiscal year, but we know that he will stay involved in many ways. We thank him for his years of service and expertise.
Legislative Update
By:  Bob Lokteff, Blackburn Consulting

California Code of Regulations (CCR) 461 Revisions
CalGeo has been working since 2014 to revise CCR 461 language to make it clear that construction testing and inspection must be performed by an engineering company with supervision and review by a licensed Civil Engineer. CalGeo recently submitted proposed updated language based on comments we received from the State Board of Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors and Geologists (BPELSG) on our initial proposed language revisions. We are currently meeting with a representative of the BPELSG Civil Engineering Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) to review our proposed updated language, and plan on bringing the proposed revision before the BPELSG at their meeting this year. Click here to see CalGeo's proposed language revisions to CCR 461.

Senate Bill (SB) 885 Duty to Defend Contract Reform
SB 885 did not have enough support by committee members to move out of the Assembly Judiciary Committee and therefore is dead for now. The American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) is figuring out its options to move the legislation forward. CalGeo will continue to work closely with ACEC and keep CalGeo membership apprised of any new developments regarding this important legislation.
Outstanding Project Award 
Public-Large Project Winner-Diaz Yourman & Associates
Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center 
By: Diaz Yourman & Associates

The Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center (ARTIC) is a regional transportation facility and the first completed California High Speed Rail station! The ARTIC facility consists of the Main Terminal Building, Concourse Bridge, Service Yard, Douglass Road Underpass improvements, two tunnels underneath the tracks, new pavements and retaining walls. The Terminal Building is a 117-foot-high "two-story" long span "architectural iconic" building. The Concourse Bridge extends from the southern end of the Terminal Building over the existing railroad corridor. The subsurface soils underneath the Terminal Building area consisted of undocumented artificial fill and natural alluvial materials. To mitigate the effects of deep undocumented fill and potentially liquefiable soil, deep dynamic compaction (DDC) ground improvement was selected to address project and owner requirements, site conditions, value, safety, and risk, balancing effectiveness versus cost. DDC ground improvement was designed and implemented, resulting in savings of over $1,000,000. 

To read the full article, click here
Thank You Donators
On behalf of CalGeo and its Board of Directors, we would like to extend our thanks to the following businesses, firms and individuals for their generous contributions to the CalGeo Silent Auction in April that raised funds for our Student Outreach efforts.

A Noise Within Theater, Pasadena, Carmel
Pasadena Museum of California Art, Pasadena
El Portal Restaurant, Pasadena
The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles
The Langham Hotel, Pasadena
The Gamble House, Pasadena
The Huntington Library, San Marino
Pasadena Ice Skating Center, Pasadena
Neal Berliner/Geocon
Rick Walsh/Hayward Baker
Peter Robertson/Gregg Drilling
David Hamilton/Hamilton & Associates
Amanda Hancock/Middle Earth Geo Testing
James & Sharon Rowlands/Ralph Stone & Co.
Larry & Vicki Taylor/Taylor Group, Inc.
Member Highlights
Share Your Bio and Photo On Our Website

We Want You!
If you would like to be in our Member Highlights area on our website, we need a head shot (jpg file in color or B/W, preferably cropped to 74px wide by 104px high) and a bio under 150 words. Please look on our website for examples. E-mail them to Marsha Myers at .
Job Board

Visit our website for the latest information on current available positions throughout the industry, including:

* Staff Engineer with Rock Solid Engineering, Inc.
* Project Engineer with Geocon Los Angeles
* Project Engineer with Geocon
* Staff Engineer with Leighton Group, Inc.

If you're LOOKING for help throughout the year, we also have a number of resumes on our website at CalGeo
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Meet The Students!
CSUN Student Chapter
By: Joseph Hicks
This year, a team of almost a dozen engineering students, working together, took CSUN to the first ever National Geo Technical Congress. This September Jonathan approached me and asked if I would help him start a club on campus. When he introduced me to the idea of starting a Cal Geo chapter, I knew it was the beginning of something great.
Early on we established the three primary goals for our Cal Geo Chapter. First, "Establish an environment to foster and grow every members knowledge of the geotechnical field." Second, "Place in the top ten schools at the national Geo Technical Congress." And lastly, "Expand our Network of fellow student engineers." I am proud to say that this year we achieved all three of these goals.
Looking back at last year's Geo Wall team of two people, it is unbelievable how much we've grown. This year, we've grown over five times in size, reaching eleven members in total. Every Cal Geo member played a key role in getting our Geo Wall team to nationals. From wall design, to paper formatting, to even late night coffee runs our success was from every last members dedication to the team.
This upcoming year we are looking to expanding our board by adding three new seats including a conference chair, Event Coordinator, and Historian. We expect to continue to see a growth in membership with the goal of reaching fifteen members next fall. 
Safety First!
Common Sense Is Not So Common
A little common sense can go a long way when it comes to safety issues that are common to many work sites. Thinking ahead and preparation can help to reduce safety hazards. Keep the following recommendations in mind when you take a look at your worksite.
Always practice good housekeeping - Stack materials properly. Keep tools, cords, and equipment out of walkways and stored properly when not in use. Put into effect a clean-up program to remove trash, scraps, parts, and materials from platforms and walkways. Having a clean workplace helps to prevent personal injuries and fire hazards.

Inspect and provide appropriate fire extinguishers - Fire extinguishers must be appropriate for the work site (know the correct extinguisher for each class of fire). They should be mounted properly, and easily accessible. They must be regularly inspected and tagged to show when and who performed tests.

Make available proper personal protective equipment (PPE) - Make sure that workers are wearing the right personal protective equipment for the hazards on the job. Analyze all the operations of your work place to determine what type(s) of PPE is needed.

Develop a thorough lockout/blockout program - All workers should be trained in and understand the importance of locking and blocking machinery and equipment, even for those "quick and easy" jobs or repairs. Machines can be inadvertently turned on while being maintained, repaired, or adjusted causing electrocution, crushing injuries and loss of limbs.

Guard power tools and moving machine parts - Keep all power tools properly shielded or guarded. They should never be operated with the guards off.

Ground electric power tools and equipment - Safeguard workers from shock or electrocution by using tools with three-prong plugs, double insulation or ground-fault systems. Check electrical equipment for frayed wires or damaged plugs often.

The importance of safety meetings - The company can convey their commitment to safety and impress upon workers the need to take every precaution to keep the work place safe. If workers are trained to understand the correct and safest way to perform their job, they'll be able to do it safely and with common sense. Safety meetings are one of the most important factors contributing to a safe work environment and are required every ten working days.

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