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March 2016
Come Smell The Roses In Pasadena!
CalGeo's Annual Conference Is Just Around The Corner!
The Colorado Bridge, Pasadena

We are so excited that in less than a month we'll be in Pasadena at The Langham Hotel for our annual conference. Conference dates are set for April 14-16, 2016. If you haven't registered, the deadline is right around the corner (April 1). 

We have a great lineup of speakers and events, so don't miss your chance.  We also have one-day registrations available for Friday OR Saturday.  Register here. For the conference brochure  Click Here.

If you have registered for the conference and haven't reserved your room yet, time is running out.  Call The Langham at (626) 568-3900 and ask for the CalGeo rate.

If you want to join our "Pasadena Putt" golf tournament as a player or a sponsor, give our office a call at (530) 344-0644.  We'll gladly get you fixed up!

Reunite with industry friends at CalGeo's Annual Conference!  We hope to see you there.

Thank you to our Conference Sponsors: 
  • Farrell Design-Build
  • Foundation Support of CA
  • Hayward Baker
  • J.C. Baldwin Construction
  • Middle Earth Geo Testing
  • Rocscience
  • Stego Industries

Senate Bill 885-Duty to Defend Reform
Call For CalGeo Membership Action

CalGeo has joined a coalition of California A&E Associations to actively support Senate Bill 885 that is being carried by Senator Lois Wolk. Senate Bill 885 prohibits contracts that require state licensed design professionals, including engineers, to defend claims regardless of the design professional's negligence. Here is a Fact Sheet, Talking Points and a Support Letter Template. We encourage you to contact your local State Senator to express your support for this important legislation.  You can also use the Support Letter Template to show your support directly to Senator Wolk.  
CalGeo Student Chapters
GeoWall Competitors Request Your Support
The ASCE GeoWall competition is an annual event that takes place on the regional and national level.  Several of our student chapters are petitioning for your support in funding for materials, tools, testing equipment, travel, food, and registration expenses.

Won ' t you please help with a sponsorship?  Please take a look at these proposals from Cal Poly Pomona, CSUN and SDSU and help in any way you can.
Pesky Beavers Cause Havoc at a Rio Vista Ferry Loading Ramp
By:  Cliff Frazao/EagleLIFT

The Problem
Caltrans had a problem with one of its Ferry loading docks in Rio Vista, CA - it was being undermined by a family of beavers that had made a home underneath the boat ramp!  As strong as the ramp was built, the concrete would not be able to withstand the significant weight stress on its own, it would need adequate support soils to help support it. 

The beavers had caused voids ranging from 6" to 1' throughout the 44' x 24' slab, and the voids needed to be filled and the weight-bearing capacity of the soil restored or there would be potential for service interruption. Caltrans contacted EagleLIFT to see if the problem could be solved.  

The Solution
Once the void locations were determined by use of Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), EagleLIFT utilized the URETEK Method® to fill the voids and densify the remaining soil. The URETEK Method® is a unique application that allows for a high density structural polymer to be injected underneath a structure with only 1/2" holes in the slab.  Once injected, the polyurethane seeks out the voids in liquid form and then it begins to expand through the void and the adjacent soil, creating a subsurface weight-bearing monolith.   URETEK's 486STAR polymer was ideal for this application due to its hydro-insensitivity, quick set time and it being environmentally inert.  

The Result
The loading ramp was stabilized in 3 shifts, minimizing the downtime of the dock and restoring service in one day.  All of the voids were stabilized and the weight-bearing capacity of the concrete ramp was restored. All of this was done without harming one single Beaver!
Job Board

Visit our website for the latest information on current available positions throughout the industry, including:

* Senior Staff Engineer with Geocon
* Geotechnical Engineer-Bay Area with Geocon
* Engineer/Construction Manager with Soils Engineering Construction Inc.
* Technical Illustrator with GeoSoils Consultants

If you're LOOKING for help throughout the year, we also have a number of resumes on our website at CalGeo
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Welcome New Members!
We welcome our newest members and appreciate their support.

Active Member:
Densification, Inc.
40650 Hurley Lane
Paeonian Springs, VA 20129
Contact:  Chris Woods

Individual Member:
George Drew
Geotechnical Design & Construction Inc.
P.O. Box 2403
Los Gatos, CA 95031

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Tensar International
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Contact:  Gene Weddle
St. Patrick's Day Facts & Trivia
In Ireland, St. Patrick's Day is a religious holiday similar to Christmas and Easter.

Erin go Bragh translates to "Ireland forever".

The very first St. Patrick's Day parade was not in Ireland. It was in Boston in 1737.

The largest parade in the United States, held since 1762, is in New York City, and draws more than one million spectators each year.

Over 100 US cities hold a parade every year. Some of the biggest St. Patrick's Day parades are in Chicago, Illinois and Savannah, Georgia.

In 1948 President Truman became the first president to attend a St. Patrick's Day parade.

The city of Chicago goes so far to celebrate that they dye their river green.

Green is associated with St. Patrick's Day because it is the color of spring, of Ireland, and of the shamrock.

The luck of finding a four-leaf clover is not exaggerated. Next time you find one (if you find one), spray it with hairspray, stick it in a laminated folder and frame it on your wall with the caption "I win at life" beneath because you may never find another one in your entire life. 
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