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October 30, 2013

SAVE THE DATE — CalGEO Annual Conference 2014

“Waves of Opportunity, Oceans of Success”


The Marriott Newport Beach

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CalGEO’s Annual Conference will be at the Marriott Newport Beach next spring, May 1-3, 2014. Join us for great speakers, fun activities and championship golf.


Our Keynote Technical Speakers include Professor Steven Kramer - University of Washington, Professor Jonathan Stewart - University of California Los Angeles, and Professor Emeritus, Peter Robertson, who will be speaking on various geotechnical earthquake engineering topics. We will enjoy other technical, economic, business and legal presentations by Jere H. Lipps — J.D. Cooper Archaeology and Paleontology Center, Dr. Esmael Adibi — Chapman University, Samuel Palmer — Consultant, Gary Jacobsen — Koenig Jacobsen, LLP, and Adam Fischer — SRWQCB and Aaron Poresky of GeoSyntec Consultants.

So, SAVE THE DATE! Look for complete information coming your way and on our website in late December/early January. If you can’t make the full conference no worries…you’ll be able to choose one day registrations too.



Salary Survey Update


The 2013 CalGEO Salary Survey has been published. If you participated in the survey, your FREE copy is on its way. For those who didn’t take part this year, you may purchase a copy at We collect salary information from practicing geotechnical engineering firms each year. Whether or not you’re a member, we welcome your input and participation. Please contact Marsha Myers at if you’d like to be notified next year to participate.


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Student Outreach

By: Judd King, Earth Systems Pacific


Cal Poly CalGeo is comprised of enthusiastic students who are seeking to further their geotechnical education beyond the classroom at Cal Poly SLO.

Each quarter, the club will provide two presentations from industry professionals and a tour of an active construction site, along with opportunities to network with both Cal Poly students and potential employers. The group will also participate in local community service projects, the first of which being an erosion control project at the Sweet Springs Nature Preserve. Under the advising of faculty member Dr. Jim Hanson and CalGeo professional member Judd King (Earth Systems Pacific) the club was formed by members of the GeoWall Competition Team. The team captains wanted to share their passion for the practice with other students, and provide them with the opportunity to learn more about geotechnical engineering. It is the club's hope to strengthen the connection between driven students and geotechnical professionals.


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Outstanding Project Awards Highlight

Large Project Honorable Mention Winner — Petra Geotechnical, Inc.


First Street Viaduct Widening Over the Los Angeles River — City of Los Angeles

The 1st Street Viaduct, constructed in the 1920’s, spans the Los Angeles River and multiple railroad lines. The bridge widening was designed to accommodate the addition of the METRO Gold Line system. Historical architectural elements had to be preserved and/or replicated in the process.

The 1st Street Viaduct, constructed in the 1920’s – City of Los Angeles

The riverbed geology included loose, liquefiable sandy soils with many dense gravel bars, cobble and boulder pockets to 50 feet, dense sands to 70 feet and Siltstone bedrock below. The bridge has 29 bents and embankments that are founded on timber piles at the arch abutments and center pier at the river crossing portion, the remainder is founded on spread footings. The new design included 10-foot CIDH, 24-inch CISS and H piles installed between live, electrified rails. For complete article, click here.


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Member News

Monthly Specials Are Part of Our NEW Member Benefits Program


I know we’ve been harping about this, but you really should take advantage of this member benefits program through CalGEO and Business AdvantEdge. It’s FREE and you can get some great savings! For instance, take a look at the special promotions in the month of October:

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Office Depot — Calendars and Holiday Cards
ADP — Get up to 5 free months or up to $600 credit
Get 10 to 63% off the Grainger catalog list price on more than 750 select automotive products
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To learn more about these programs and to sign up for Calgeo member benefits, please visit the CalGeo MarketPlace. Note: On your first visit to the MarketPlace, please register as a "New Member" to set up your user name and password.


For a Quick Overview and expedited enrollment, please visit Program Enrollment.


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Job Board


Visit our website for the latest information on current positions available throughout the industry, including:


Project Geotechnical Engineer with Wallace-Kuhl & Associates
Lab Technician or Soil Technician with Geocon
Staff Tunnel Engineer, or Sr. Project Engineer-Civil/Tunnel/Geotechnical with Condor Earth Technologies, Inc.
Engineers-Pavements with California Nevada Cement Assn.
Geotechnical Staff Engineer (Irvine) or Project Level Geotechnical Engineer (Sacramento) or Sr. Level Geotechnical Engineer or Project Level Geotechnical Engineer (So. Cal) with Group Delta Consultants, Inc.


If you’re LOOKING for help throughout the year, we also have a number of resumes on our website at


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Safety First

Speaking Of Housekeeping…

“Courtesy of the California State Compensation Insurance Fund”



If you are curious about a business’s approach toward safety, take a look at its housekeeping habits. How a workplace looks makes an impression on staff and customers. A visitor’s first impression of a business is significant as that image affects the amount of business it does. Good housekeeping projects order, and pride, going hand-in-hand with good public relations.

Housekeeping is everyone’s responsibility; an employer can spend money to improve the safety of the work environment, but it’s only a safe workplace if its workers practice good housekeeping. Promoting safety, health, production, and morale are vital to any good safety plan.

Keeping work aisles clean will help to prevent tripping hazards. Paying attention to “wet floor signs” and promptly cleaning up spills prevents slipping injuries. Keeping storage areas clean reduces the chance of disease, fire and slips, trips, and falls. Accumulated debris can cause fire and also slows movement of personnel and equipment during fires.

Additional housekeeping practices include keeping equipment and tools clean and well maintained, keeping hoses and cables bundled when not in use. Broken glass should be cleaned up promptly with a broom and dustpan and never with bare hands. Watch out for open cabinet drawers, electric wiring, protruding and sharp nails. Correct the unsafe conditions if possible, and if it’s not safe to do so, notify the person responsible for maintenance.

Putting things in their proper place doesn’t waste time – it saves time! When the workplace is clean, and free of clutter, work can be done safely. Workers feel and think better, they also work more efficiently and increase the quantity and quality of their work.


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