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September 27, 2013

October Regional Dinner Meetings

“The Latest About…Heave, Settlement & Lateral Extension of Compacted Fills”


Iraj Noorany, Ph.D, GE
Our October Regional Dinner Meetings will be presented by Iraj Noorany, Ph.D, GE. There will be two live locations to choose from, in Santa Ana on October 15th, and in Fairfield on October 17th.


Water infiltration of structural fills made of expansive fill can cause both vertical movement and lateral extension of the fill slope zone.


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In this talk learn about:

The mechanisms of heave, hydrocompression, lateral extension;
Resulting distress to nearby structures;
Test methods for measuring induced strains; and
Step-by-step methods for calculating heave, settlement, and lateral extension as a function of slope geometry and soil and wetting characteristics.

For registration information and locations and dates, please look at Upcoming Events at:



CalGEO Emerging Geoprofessionals — Update

By: Martin McIlroy, CEG, PE/Taber Consultants


The Emerging Geoprofessionals group is going strong in the Sacramento Area. September will be our 7th meeting this year and we have had wonderful speakers with great topics. Topics have so far included:

February - Lime Treatment of Soil
March – Pub Trivia
April – Hiatus
May – Bridge Scour Evaluations
June – Geotechnical Lessons Learned :Mid-Career Geotechnical Perspectives
July – Triaxial Compression Testing; Appropriate Uses and Test Parameters
August – Business in Geotechnical Engineering
September – Sacramento Railyards Bridge Improvements
October – TBA
November – Open Cut Solution for Addressing the Stability of an Unsupported Water Conveyance Tunnel: Let the Sun Shine In

Attendance has been good with 15 to 30 attendees at each meeting and the attendees are always an even mix of students, staff and senior professionals. Our e-mail list has increased by one-third and two student chapters are possibly starting as a result; one at Sacramento State and one at UC Davis. The talks have been held at the URS office in Natomas, CA all due to the efforts of the President Matt Weil (from URS). CalGEO would like to thank Matt for stepping up as the group’s President and for the generous donation of meeting space by URS.

It has been an exciting year hosting these guest speakers and hearing their talks. If you have a topic you would like to see or have a topic you would like to present please contact: or See you on third Wednesdays except for in December when the group will be taking a holiday break from meetings.


For the current meeting location and times go to our website at


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Affiliate Corner

Expansive Soil’s Effect on Vapor-Proofing: Protecting the Sixth Side

By: Stego Industries, LLC


Stego Crete Claw Installation

Crete Claw Installation

Expansive soil can disrupt the integrity of the under-slab vapor-proofing system and increase the likelihood of a number of costly moisture-related issues. That said, techniques and technologies can be utilized that help to maintain the effectiveness of the under-slab vapor barrier. Stego Crete Claw allows the vapor barrier to adhere to concrete slab— and this technique not only satisfies the requirements of the prevailing installation standard (ASTM E1643-11 Section 6.4) but helps to maintain a continuous under-slab vaporproofing system in light of future soil movement. Click here for the full article.


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Member News

Take Advantage of our NEW Member Benefits Program


If you haven’t checked out our new CalGeo Member Benefits Discount Program through Business AdvantEdge, you’re missing out on some great savings! That’s because this innovative program reduces your overhead and the costs of key business services on:

Money bag
ADP payroll and work comp
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Uniforms, dust control and restroom supplies through Aramark and UniFirst

To learn more about these programs and to sign up for one or several new Calgeo member benefits, please visit the CalGeo MarketPlace.

Note: As this is a brand new program for us, on your first visit to the MarketPlace, please register as a "New Member" to set up your user name and password.

For a Quick Overview and expedited enrollment, please visit Program Enrollment.


Welcome Our Newest Members!

Academic Members:

Ryan Aghakhani
Cal State University of Los Angeles

Kevin Chantrapornlert
Cal Poly, Pomona

Kevin Kuei
UC Davis

Active Member:

RMA Group
12130 Santa Margarita Court
Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Phone: (909) 989-1751
Primary Rep: Danny Cohen

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Job Board


Visit our website for the latest information on current positions available throughout the industry, including:

Project Geotechnical Engineer with Geosoils Consultants, Inc.
Senior Geotechnical Engineer with Twining, Inc.


If you’re LOOKING for help this summer or throughout the year, we also have a number of resumes on our website at


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Safety First

Forest Fires & Respiratory Health Facts

∼Courtesy of The American Lung Association


California wild fire

Wildfires are an ongoing concern, particularly at this time of year in California. During a wildfire, people all over the area may be suffering the effects of forest fire smoke. The American Lung Association urges those with respiratory problems such as asthma, emphysema, and bronchitis and also those with chronic heart disease to monitor their breathing and exposure to airborne matter. If problems develop call your physician immediately.

General recommendations:

People living in close proximity to the fire-stricken areas should remain indoors and avoid inhalation of smoke, ashes, and particulate matter in the area. Ordinary dust masks, designed to filter out large particles, will not help as they still allow the more dangerous smaller particles to pass through. Special, more expensive dust masks with true HEPA filters will filter out the damaging fine particles but are difficult for people with lung disease to use. Consult with your physician before using a mask, especially if you have a lung disease.
If you live close to or in the surrounding area, it's recommended that you refrain from exercising outdoors, especially if you smell smoke or notice eye or throat irritation.
Extra precaution should be taken for children, who are more susceptible to smoke because their respiratory systems are still developing and they breathe in more air (and consequently more pollution) per pound of body mass than adults.
When driving your car in smoky areas, keep your windows and vents closed. Air conditioning should only be operated in the "recirculate" setting.


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