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August 23, 2013

New President’s Message

By: Danny Cohen,
RMA Group


Danny Cohen, CalGeo President 2013-14 receives gavel from Past President Todd Kamisky

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After nearly a decade on the Board of Directors of CalGeo, it is with great pleasure that I finally step up to the position of President. I am following in the footsteps of many great engineers and geologists who have held this position before me and I can only hope that I can accomplish some of the goals we have been working on during the past decade. I want to thank my current board members in advance for the hard work they are going to do this year, because by the end of the year they may no longer be talking to me, so thanks gentlemen, for a wonderful year to come.

As always we have a lot on our plate, but the main task for the upcoming year must be increasing our membership. Click here for full article.



Yosemite Conference Recap

The War on Commodization/Marginalization

By: Swaminathan “Vasan” Srinivasan,
PE/Terracon Consultants, Inc.


Greg Stock climbing a rock

Victor Donald

Mr. Vic Donald, PE, Terracon’s Geotechnical Services Manager, was one of Saturday’s morning speakers. Vic pointed out that the geotechnical engineer must become more active in order to establish our place as an integral part of the design team. He shared both strategy and tactics that we as geoprofessionals can apply within our practice to address the growing damage that commoditization and marginalization have inflicted on our profession.
Vic suggested that we must:
1. Know our weaknesses
2. Train our staff
3. Understand ourselves from the client’s perspective
He also shared some insights on what the three pillars of “Recognized Geoprofessional Value” are. These are relevant knowledge, capable service and professional relationships.


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CalGeo Publishes New Expansive Soil Brochure

Get A Free Copy


ExpansiveSoil graphic illustartion
When slabs crack and yard improvements experience damage due to expansive soils, geotechnical consultants are often contacted by distressed homeowners. Whether the damage is slight or severe, disappointment, disputes, and litigation often follow. In many cases the damage and resulting finger pointing could have easily been avoided had expansive soil behavior been better understood and properly managed.

CalGeo’s latest publication, Coexisting with Expansive Soil: An Informational Guide for Homeowners was written by geotechnical engineers with significant input from homebuilders and attorneys. This 10 page color booklet is a concise source of information on expansive soil topics including; basic principles; types of damage that can result; design; construction, and; homeowner maintenance. Many homebuilders plan to include this new publication in their new homeowner education and disclosure packets to help homeowners avoid costly and heartbreaking mistakes and to help builders and their design teams avoid disputes. Visit CalGeo’s website to learn how to get a free copy of this new publication.


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Member News

Take Advantage of our NEW Member Benefits Program


Money bag

If you haven’t checked out our new CalGeo Member Benefits Discount Program through Business AdvantEdge, you’re missing out on some great savings! That’s because this innovative program reduces your overhead and the costs of key business services on:

  • ADP payroll and work comp
  • Credit Card Merchant Programs such as FDMS, NTC and TransFirst
  • Fuel and fleet programs through ExxonMobil and Holiday Stationstores
  • Office supplies and equipment with HP, Office Depot, OfficeMax, and Staples
  • Grainger - Facility Maintenance and equipment
  • Shipping via UPS and On Target Professionals
  • Telecomm with Sprint, Comcast and Integrated Communications
  • Uniforms, dust control and restroom supplies through Aramark and UniFirst

To learn more about these programs and to sign up for one or several new Calgeo member benefits, please visit the CalGeo MarketPlace.

Note: As this is a brand new program for us, on your first visit to the MarketPlace, please register as a "New Member" to set up your user name and password.

For a Quick Overview and expedited enrollment, please visit Program Enrollment.


Welcome Our Newest Member!

Academic Member:

Professor Patrick C. Lucia
Civil Engineering Department
University of California, Davis
(310) 210-3630


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Job Board


Visit our website for the latest information on current positions available throughout the industry, including:

Senior Project/Associate Engineer with Petra Geotechnical, Inc.
Senior & Project Level Positions with RMA Group
Senior Project Engineer-Civil/Tunnel/Geotechnical with Condor Earth Technologies, Inc.


If you’re LOOKING for help this summer or throughout the year, we also have a number of resumes on our website at


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Stoney-Miller Consultants Groundwater Exploration In San Diego County


Stoney-Miller Consultants working for the Olivenhain Municipal Water District’s (OMWD)

Stoney-Miller Consultants (SMC) has finalized a contract to identify potential well field sites in two groundwater basins of northern San Diego County. SMC is working for the Olivenhain Municipal Water District’s (OMWD) to develop a secondary source of water within the District’s boundaries that can help them service the varied and increasing needs of their constituents. MC is looking for a practical location for a production well field to extract 1 to 1.5 acre-feet per day from potential aquifers and to model the groundwater for long term sustainable recharge to the well field. SMC will use field geophysics, groundwater modeling and laboratory studies of rock hydraulic conductivities to complete the study. SMC recently supported the collaborative project by the U.S. Geological Survey and OMWD to place a deep bedrock monitoring well beneath San Elijo Lagoon. Tests of the aquifer potential by the USGS showed the presence of a pressurized deep aquifer that can supply slightly brackish water for treatment and use in the district. This phase of study will expand on those findings and provide a location for a well field and test well and a model of well field sustainability. Read full article here.


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Legislative Update

Senate Bill 679 Update


On July 11, CalGeo Government Practices/Legislation Chair Bob Lokteff testified before the State of California Assembly Committee on Business, Professions and Consumer Protection in favor of SB 679. SB 679 is the CalGeo-sponsored bill aiming to improve the current requirements for lawsuit reporting to the State Board of Registered Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors and Geologists. This bill proposes to change the reporting level for settled lawsuits from $50,000 or greater to greater than $50,000. Mr. Lokteff explained that this small change in requirements will help CalGeo members reduce costs associated with reporting lawsuits settled for exactly $50,000, which happens to be the most common deductible for professional errors and omissions insurance. The bill’s author, Senator Tom Berryhill, also testified in favor of the bill.

The committee members agreed with Mr. Lokteff’s testimony that the bill will help California engineering companies avoid unnecessary costs associated with frivolous lawsuits, and that it would have a substantial impact even if only one of CalGeo’s members was spared the costly review processes they currently incur for lawsuits settled at $50,000. The bill received no opposition and passed unanimously out of the 14-member committee. Mr. Lokteff will continue to work with Senator Berryhill as the bill moves through the Legislative Committee, then to the floor of the Senate and Assembly and ultimately to the Governor’s desk for approval.


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